Freitag, 17. November 2017

{Storytime} What do other blogs have I don't?

Starting this blog I wasn't seeking for popularity or even earning money. And I am not now.
But when I look at other blogs I often question myself: What do they have and I don't?
Your answer might be that they have connections and already built up vogue.
You may say they don't need a dictionairy as their best friend in order to show of with their thesaurus unlike me.
Or they don't have to google if you have to write a comma behind he word "but" or not.
Conductive to hurt my feeling you would probably respond something like: "Yeah. Well. You are shit. Is there any more explanation needed?"
And this might all be right, but when I googled to most popular blogs worldwide there mostly showed blogs about the newest gossip and the hottest news.
Does that mean, would have to change the topic of my blog and write about chitchat to establish one's reputation? Then I really can renounce popularity. First of all: I would be abymal in writing about tattle. I am one of those people hearing the newest scandal last. That means I would post an outrage, thinking I did a good job in order to have you saying, that this is already outmoded. From one second to the other. Whaaaaaaaat? Really? Ae you serious?
But most important would I give up my passion only for popularity's sake. And I don't want to be like this. Either you like me and what I am doing and follow me because of that or not. I won't change my blog for you human beings out there. Because that means I would partly change myself. And no-one should change only to be liked or accepted. NO-ONE!

Luv ya all,

Sonntag, 12. November 2017

{Insight of the Week} No.1

{Insight of the Week} A new rubric is born ...

Isn't it kind of ironic that I got the insight to make a rubric about my insight of the week? Funny, right? And here is another insight: Perhaps it will more be like a "Insight whenever I am up for thinking". Apparently: "Insight always when my brain is in the mood of being self-engrossed" whould be a better heading. Or "The rarity of insights of Ju". That sonds pretty cool, don't you think?
Because I am full of acumen right now and the insights are almost oozing out of me, here is another one: Our life is full of insights and observation. *Mind-Blow*
I think this is enought of a weird preface.
I hope you all will like my strange, sarcastic, funny and maybe (probably not) edifying insights.
And please comment if you like the category picture.

Yours, Ju